Welcome to the Transition From Foster Care to Adulthood Wiki.

This Wiki has been set up as a space for sharing information about state law and practice regarding foster youths' transition from foster care to adulthood.

This space can serve as a useful resource for those interested in improving the support provided to foster youth aging out of care, including youth advocates, judges, legislators, lawyers, policy makers, and concerned citizens. It allows those with access to information on a specific jurisdiction to make that information easily available to others. This collaborative effort will result in the creation of a convenient, comprehensive, and continually updated resource for finding information on the various legal and practical approaches states have taken regarding the transition from foster care to adulthood.

On the left is a list of the fifty United States, along with certain territories and tribal nations. Each element on the list links to a page containing information relevant to that state's particular jurisdiction, including age limits, discharge procedures, available programming, and juvenile court jurisdiction/practice.

Related Information:
For people who have already transitioned, Foster Care Alumni of America is an association founded and led by alumni of foster care. FCAA is not a service provider; it is a national association whose mission is to connect the alumni community and to transform policy and practice, ensuring opportunity for people in and from foster care. Information can be found on their web site, www.fostercarealumni.org

Check out Hawaii's Department of Human Services for information on youth in transition from foster care and Epic Ohana's New Initiative to help youth transition from foster care.

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